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Degree: 11
Level Cap: 110
Europe Mastery: 220
Chinese Mastery: 440


Alchemy Plus Limit: 15 (Advanced Elixir)
Guild Limit: 32
Union Limit: 2
Guild Penalty: 1 Day
Job Penalty: 1 Day


Experience Rate: x20
Party Experience Rate: x20
Item Drop Rate: x5
Gold Drop Rate: x1
Alchemy Rate: x1
Stone Drop Rate: x1
Elixir Drop Rate: x1
Job Exp Rate: x10
Nova: x1
Forgotten World Rate: x1
Holy Water Temple Rate: x1


Experience Rate: x5
Skillpoint Rate: x5
Gold Rate: x2

REGISTRATION: Saturday (12:00-20:00)
FORTRESS WAR: Sunday (Start: 17:00)


SELKIS&NEITH: Everyday (13:00 and 20:00)
ANUBIS&ISIS: Everyday (15:00 and 20:00)
HAROERIS&SETH: Everyday (17:00 and 22:00)


ROC: Everyday (18:00)
MEDUSA: Everyday (12:00 and 20:00)


BA: Every Hour
CTF: Every Hour


You can use the ingame chat commands only in all chat. If you type: !help in all chat you will get all avaiable commands.
Well, we increased the Quest and Job reward rate. If you go questing and jobbing you will have enough money to get everything you need. Botting is not everyting!
You must destroy an item to get Advanced Elixir (A) and if you want Advanced Elixir (B) then you must destroy an item which is higher than +7 and full blue.

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ONLINE:819 / 2000


EXP & SP:100x






Hotan 20% Tax EMPTY

Jangan 20% Tax EMPTY

Bandit 20% Tax l_EGYPT_l

Trader Trader
Hunter Hunter
Thief Thief


The_Roel killed Captain Ivy (19 minutes ago)

Killuminati killed Cerberus (30 minutes ago)

SANTOS killed Lord Yarkan (51 minutes ago)

endeR killed Demon Shaitan (2 hours ago)

La_Boca killed Uruchi (2 hours ago)

FeelMyStyle killed Isyutaru (2 hours ago)

Faithless killed Cerberus (3 hours ago)